Man in the Mirror: How a New Human Resources Approach at L&R Pallet Changed Everything

Man in the Mirror: A new human resources approach has boosted profitability and solved the labor shortage crisis at L&R Pallet. It all started with changes at the top and a special worker initiative involving foreign refugees.

Jesus on the Job: How Faith Mixes With Work, Part 1
It is time for us to see all work as vital to the growth of the Kingdom of God.

How This Entrepreneur Works Christianity Into His Craft
Colorado’s Walker Manufacturing builds lawn mowers and operates as a Christian enterprise. What does faith have to do with riding mowers? Depends on how you cut it.

Motives Matter Most When It Come to Leadership
Why Do You Lead?: Business guru, Patrick Lencioni, explained at the Global Leadership Summit that why you lead impacts how you lead. He identifies five key areas where managers frequently abdicate their leadership and how to address them.

How Would Jesus Lead

Good leadership principles for any business based on the life and teachings of Jesus. Even for the non-religious, how can you learn to be a better person by putting these ideas into practice.

Squeaky Clean: The Culture of Corporate Cleaners

The founder and CEO of the nationally known Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services shares how he has seen God work through his life and ministry in a vibrant way.

Ways to Be God’s Light at Your Job

Do these simple things to make a difference in the lives of co-workers and be an example of Christian love.

Lasting Employee Benefits: Chaplains Provide Emotional and Spiritual Support for Workers at Pallet Plants

A Higher Calling: Custom Pallet and L&R Pallet have found that this one employee benefit offers tremendous impact for a minimal cost. These business owners explain how a chaplaincy program can improve corporate culture.

How Hiring Refugees Slashed Turnover and Boosted Profits at L&R Pallet
Q&A article by Forbes magazine with James Ruder who explained how God helped him change his business and propel the right kind of growth.

Christian Businessman Used His Depression to Help Others, Built Grocery Empire Along the Way
A Washington Post article detailed the life and business impact of Howard E Butt Jr. He was known for his leadership in building the H-E-B grocery store chain.

The Rise of the Corporate Chaplains

A growing number of company clergy are counseling American workers, one desk at a time. Detailed story from Bloomberg.

How to Build a Faithful Witness in Your Workplace

Three ways to create a Christian legacy worth sharing at your job.

8 Ways Christian Business Leaders Must Think Differently

If you desire the God of peace to be with you in your business, then it is time to think different!

Seven Principles for Running a Kingdom Business
These insights can keep you on God’s path in the midst of a busy work week.

12 Leadership Principles from Jesus

Learn how Jesus demonstrated remarkable leadership and how these principles can make you someone worth following.

You Said It: Tom Gardner Shares How Faith Shapes His Business 

Tom Gardner, owner and CEO of Hay Creek Companies in Pittsville, Wisconsin, shares his insights on working in the pallet industry.

Redemption Is Their Business: Cleveland Recycler Strives to Give People Second Chances, Innovates in Upcycling Art 

Redemption Business: Cleveland Custom Pallet & Crating does everything differently from most pallet shops. And the strategy is working to recruit millennials and innovate in the emerging field of pallet art and furniture. Find out how this small pallet company can make you rethink the pallet business.

Miracles Don’t Happen By Accident! 

Millwood’s pillars & people are the key to its amazing success. Pallet company offers chaplaincy services and other ways to serve its employees beyond just physical needs.

10 Ways to Be a Positive Communicator
These simple strategies can turn around what you say and what people around you hear.

It Doesn’t Take a Lot to Change the World! Industry Business Leaders Join Forces to Aid Kenyan Village 

Mission to Kenya: Christians in the pallet industry target a small village in Kenya for a three-pronged mission project that will provide a badly needed well for drinking water and expand a school.

The Power of Ownership for Employees

Explaining the impact of employee-owned companies in creating a positive corporate culture. Empowering workers in a Christian value.

The Marks of a Spiritual Leader

John Piper explains what true spiritual leadership looks like.

How Christians Should Deal With Workplace Difficulties

Outline of key Christian principles to consider when dealing with conflicts on the job.

What the Bible Says About Work

Outline of ten things in the Bible about work and our daily grind.