Disciples Make More Disciples

Jesus called His followers to make disciples. And that starts with intentional relationships guiding people into a deeper relationship with God. Recently, I heard Ken Schmidt, the former director of communications at the Harley-Davidson Motor Company, speak at a business conference. He said many interesting things. One that stood out is that Harley’s objective was not to just make customers. The motorcycle manufacturer wanted to turn prospects into disciples.

And he made it clear that he used that “religious” terminology for a reason. Harley doesn’t want to just have customers. Harley wants disciples who are riding enthusiasts that passionately tell others about the Harley Lifestyle. And those people will help drive growth. Schmidt explained, “A disciple is somebody who believes in something and wants others to believe in it too.”

So are you a consumer or a true disciple when it comes to Jesus? Are there any fish on your line? Hearing an advocate for motorcycles speak so truthfully about discipleship made me wonder, “What is wrong with the church?” A biker gets it, but many Christian leaders do not.

When it comes to your business – how are you investing in your people and letting them know that they matter? How are you leading them like Jesus? Are you making disciples and helping them learn how to do the same for others? We need more Christians who are like Harley enthusiasts; they are so excited about Jesus that they want to invite others to come along for the ride.

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