Listening for a Change

People don’t care what you know if you aren’t willing to listen to what they have to say.

As a business leader you will have many conversations with customers and employees. And your ability to truly listen will let the other person know if you really care. Your listening skills will also determine if others think they can trust you.

Despite everything Jesus did, He took time to interact with people one-on-one. And He asked questions to help bring true understanding. From the woman at the well to Nicodemus to Peter to the Pharisees, Jesus interacted with a lot of people. And his questions were powerful.

Are you a good listener? There is a reason why God gave you two ears and one mouth.

A good listener does the following things:

  • Is less focused on what he/she wants to say and more intent on understanding the other person.
  • Considers the feelings of the other person and looks for points of empathy.
  • Makes good eye contact and sets aside distractions, such as the cell phone.
  • Takes notes and follows up with required actions resulting from the conversation.
  • Attempts to truly understand the situation before suggesting fixes or solutions.
  • Realizes there may be language or cultural barriers and seeks to identify any miscommunication.
  • Values others as a person not just as an employee.
  • Doesn’t yell or become belligerent with the other person.
  • Clarifies questions or areas that are not clear. Asks questions that help all parties better understand the underlining issues.

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