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Business Evaluation Questions

The Best Questions Lead to the Right Answers

Jesus was a master at asking tough, penetrating questions. He loved to answer a question with a more difficult question. So, what if some of Jesus’ best questions were applied to your business or work? How could these questions break open new business success or cause you to look at something differently? While these questions…

I’m Sorry

I’m so sorry, and I know my actions caused harm to others and the game. Now, is that so hard to say? Over the last month or so, I have wondered what the public apologies by the Astros management and players would look like. Well, it couldn’t have gone much worse. This made me consider…

All Work Matters

Many people in the business world have been talking a lot lately about the connection between faith and the workplace. Most of the people who are leading the conversation are business owners, managers or leaders. In the process, sometimes it can be easy to focus on more white-collar jobs. But there is a great need…

robot hand

The Robotic Revolution and Restoring the Soul of the American Worker

The robots are coming; the robots are coming. A study by Citigroup and Oxford University predicted that 47% of all jobs could be automated in the next decade. The McKinsey Global Institute found that nearly half of all jobs could be done by technology that already exists. From artificial intelligence to robots and drones to…

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